814 Inc. takes a personalized, hands-on approach to create the best possible marketing solution for each client. We focus on your needs, and develop a marketing program guaranteed to deliver maximum results.

Web/Digital Marketing & Social Media

For a company to succeed in today's competitive environment, they need to draw on the marketing resources that are shaping the way businesses communicate.

Digital platforms such as the Internet, e-mail and mobile devices (phones and tablets), have paved the way for businesses to interact with their customers electronically. It has given them the ability to build a digital audience or online community. Through digital marketing and social media, a business can engage with consumers on multiple levels; directing a variety of messages to specific targets. Social media is a two-way communication channel, allowing businesses to interact with their audience, while funneling information and receiving feedback from the customer.

Social media continues to play a growing part in online exposure for businesses. Over 50% of global Fortune 500 companies use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook has approximately 175m users each day; Twitter has over 75m registered accounts with over 15m active daily users.

Detail services

814 Inc. will work with you to establish a digital presence to promote you and your business. Incorporating the correct platforms and tools into your marketing program, we will help enhance the communication you have with your customers and assist you in building an online audience.

  • Website development
  • Social media set-up, integration and management
  • E-mail marketing development and management
  • Digital magazines, brochures, and other communication tools
  • Web analytics and e-mail tracking