814 Inc. takes a personalized, hands-on approach to create the best possible marketing solution for each client. We focus on your needs, and develop a marketing program guaranteed to deliver maximum results.

Cross-media Marketing

Technology provides an abundance of resources for marketing a company's message. Cross-media allows a business to go deeper and reach farther in communicating with their target audience. Using various media sources such as social media, blogs, e-mail communications, web-landing pages, press releases and direct mail marketing can dramatically improve a company's ROI.

Not all consumers communicate alike. 814 Inc. will help to promote your business consistently across a variety of media platforms.

Detail services

814 Inc. can develop effective strategies that clearly communicate your message online and in print media, while focusing on bridging the gap between the two.

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Print media
  • Direct Mail
  • Traditional Advertising
  • HTML e-mail
  • Event promotion
  • Website development